No Political Education is What Brought Us Here

No Political Education is What Brought Us Here
by Sehu-Kessa-Saa Tabansi, currently incarcerated at SCI Forest in Pennsylvania.
To this point… the absence of political education to fill in the void left in the wake of the destruction of the Black Panther Party and many other political parties during the post-revolutionary era of the 1960s and 1970s in urban America has led to dire consequences for the so-called Generation X, and on down the genetic tree.
At this crossroads of the neo-Jim Crow it is imperative (a must) that we initiate political education.  A party line and a mass line without a platform of education is to assemble ignorance and direct slaughter, leading reactionary, unorganized, anti-revolutionary actions based off distorted theories concerning our world and its complexity of affairs.
Every movement has its climax.  In our present time the outside populace may view from Occupy Wall Street to the Black Lives Matter Movement.  In the prison context we may examine the California prisoners’ hunger strikes and the courageous agreement to end all racial hostilities.
Collectively these new dimensions of struggle can be the Rubicon (no retreat, no surrender) of the battlefield and the catalyst for political transformation starting now!
For prisoners nationwide this upcoming August 2016 will mark 45 years since the 1971 martyrdom of the Field Marshal General Comrade George Jackson and with the recent assassination of his comrade in arms Hugo “Yogi” Pinell, all prisoners in all states should plan and prepare now across this entire country’s Prisoner Nation of Mass Incarceration for Black August.  We will go to the point of no return in political education among the populace of all prison plantations in the U.S. to bring about the New Men and New Women and New Youth that W.C. Nolan and his comrades George Jackson and Hugo Pinell exemplified.
We will validate that the U.S. Prison Movement has not died.  It’s just now being born as we find our own humanity while serving decades as forced laborers (21st century slaves) in this decaying capitalist system of Western style imperialism.
They can kill our revolutionaries but they can’t kill our Revolution!
Power to the People!
Reorganize & Rebuild!
Sehu-Kessa-Saa Tabansi
H.O.W. (Hostage Of War)
Contact Sehu-Kessa-Saa Tabansi/the Black August Prisoners’ Collective by writing to:
Alfonso Percy Pew #BT-7263
SCI Forest
P.O. Box 945
Marienville, PA 16239
Prisoners are encouraged to submit content for publication by writing to:
Black August Prisoners’ Collective
P.O. Box 34249
Phila., PA, 19101

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