Black Lives Matter!

All lives matter! All life matters!


Original work, submitted by Mustafa Life, currently incarcerated at Pennsylvania’s SCI Houtzdale.

As I look in the face of the elders in the struggle like Maroon Shoatz and Mike Africa of the MOVE 9, I realize that they are indeed elders. These warriors are still around pushing the information about this rotten ass system and their sacrifices are those that very few today are willing to do, in the name of the struggle. Today, many non-struggle people don’t know their names and especially the names of people who are in the belly of the beast. Many are or have been locked in the holes, special management or super max type confinement, and so people don’t know or care.

However, let it be clear, especially from those who do know who they are, that we need to let them know that we care, we appreciate what they contribute. More important, let them know that we are continuing to move forward on our level of activity to fight against oppression for those who are oppressed. Those of us in the belly of the beast, who are conscious, it is our duty to connect with and stay connected with these elders and help them when and how we can. Sure, some are shot out, brains seem to be not as sharp as before, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t take from what they have done. Many have plans to help in the next stage.

As I continue to hear about the Black Lives Matter movement I applaud those in it and I cannot wait to come out to help support in any way that I can. However, let us all remember that the MOVE organization has been shouting all lives matter for over 40 years and while their men and women was having their infants heads crushed by police boots, their women’s stomachs battered when babies was in them and Philadelphia police dropped C-4 on their homes, many still thought the police was just doing it to MOVE, not themselves. So white people are still on the side. Remember, the police will eventually get around to you and yours. Then what?

These same vicious killer cops are helping to keep in power those in authority who find it okay to pollute your streams, air and land, saying a certain level of poison is okay. These same killer cops are helping to keep in power, in authority those same people who bail out corporations and serve eviction notices to you and I and will throw us out our homes. All because we can’t pay due to loss of the jobs that those same corporations have shipped to other countries. These same vicious killer cops are helping to keep in power the same people who lock people up 20, 30 and 40 years, release them with no aid, expect them it make it and get mad when they go back to jail and they try to keep them locked up forever.

As a new revolutionary I know and understand that we need to discontinue trying to get justice from a system built on injustice. I know that no matter what laws, rules and regulations they come up with their way will never be right. You cannot make what is wrong right no matter how hard you try. This the coordinator John Africa of MOVE taught.

Brothers and sisters of all races, if you are tired of supporting this rotten ass system, come about the Tribe of Life through writing me. If you are tired of inequality between gender and races, learn about the Tribe of Life. If you want to sacrifice for your own and all of life, come learn about the Tribe of Life. I respond to all letters I get within a week. If you don’t receive a response, resend. Sometimes the prison try to say I’m not there.

All power to life!

Mustafa Life

Anthony WIlliams LM-6331

SCI Houtzdale

209 Institutional Drive

PO Box 1000

Houtzdale, PA 16698


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