Power to the people and revolutionary greetings to the proletariat:

During this Black August 2016 Commemoration I have been reading and rereading a few of the speeches off the late, great Chicago based Black Panther organizer and Deputy Chairman of the state of Illinois chapter Comrade Fred Hampton.

I found that though we are now in 2016 and the speeches were given in 1969, there is what Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton called “historical continuity” present connecting relevance to both the Black Lives Matter Movement and this being an election year. There is significance within the comrades’ Representatives of the People Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly campaign.

The former has its origins and popularity among the oppressed people in the context of the resistance to amerikkkan empire and the nationwide police brutality. The Ferguson uprising (resistance to state sponsored terrorism) exposed genocide of unarmed New Afrikans.

It was 47 years ago that the U.S. evil empire was in the midst of another imperialist war against Vietnam. During that time in 1969, Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton gave a speech. He spoke of a 14-year-old boy of New Afrikan descent that was executed by a pig for throwing rocks.

The correlation between the war then in 1969 and the imperialist wars abroad in 2016 has not changed. The killings of New Afrikans in amerikkka has not changed in 47 years.

The thing that does seem to have changed is our ideological line. The question of how do we fight in 2016 has not taken a platform yet among the new developments of the present day movements. However, here is a clear ideological line — a Marxist-Leninist line — from 47 years ago, put forward by the Black Panther Party for Self Defense Illinois Chapter Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton in part:

“We ain’t gonnna fight no reactionary pigs who run up and down the street being reactionary; we’re gonna organize and dedicate [ourselves] to [revolutionary] political power and teach [ourselves] the specific needs of resisting the power structure, arm ourselves, and we gonna fight reactionary pigs with international proletariat revolution!

This was a party line presented to the masses by the late 1960s and 1970s Black vanguard of the Black revolution as supported by their coalitions and allies of that time. That was the solution to how do we fight?

The Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton in specific quotes from his speech also stated, “We need to have some moratorium on the Black community in Babylon and all oppressed communities in Babylon.”

It’s worth noting that identity politics here allowed the politically educated Deputy Chairman, a student of Marxism-Leninism, dialectical materialism and the Black Power/Black Liberation movement, in the context of the objective conditions of 1969 to correctly recognize only two factors:

  1. oppressed people in their communities
  2. the oppressors of the people’s communities

This is relevant in 2016 to the fact that Black Lives Matter is essentially a movement of oppressed people. The oppressed movement founders, some very courageous Black women (New Afrikans) created the revolutionary slogan “Black Lives Matter.” They also have allies, including a group called White People in Support of Black Lives Matter.

Since Black Lives Matter Movement has begun to galvanize the masses of the oppressed communities as much as the Black Panther Party previously was doing in 1968, there has been a concerted effort by people outside of the Black Lives Matter Movement to emphasize other slogans, such as:

  1. Blue Lives Matter
  2. All Lives Matter

Interestingly neither of these slogans were ever in existence prior to Black Lives Matter. Neither the Blue Lives Matter slogan nor the All Lives Matter slogan have an oppressed community with a political based organizational movement. Rather it is a corporate media promoted clandestine counterintelligence and counterrevolutionary operation.

In Pantherism terms this is called Jackanape! In political context it’s coopting and sabotaging!

There is only the oppressed v. the oppressors. Show the people where are Blue Lives oppressed? Show the people how are all lives oppressed in amerikkka? To say all lives are oppressed in amerikkka is to say the capitalist elite are poor laborers: an obvious contradiction.

Since the 1492 conquest there has never been a need to say all lives matter until the successes of the Black Lives Matter in bringing attention to police brutality on Black lives. It calls into question why the emphasis now on coopting Black Lives Matter slogan into something else for what purpose? Could it be appeasement to white people who feel guilty or could it be a threat to the establishment/system or even black capitalist uncomfortable bourgeoisie? These are valid questions arising from the ambiguous state of the present movement absent the political cohesion of a party line transcending into a popularly supported mass line.

The Later Topic on Electoral Politics?

The Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton in a speech stated this quote in part:

“The politics ain’t nothing but if you stretch it so long that it can’t go further, then you know what you got on your hands? You got an antagonistic contradiction.”

This was 1969 again. 47 years ago the party line was socialism v. capitalism. The Black Panther Party free breakfast and free clinic programs were socialistic practices. The system then and now in 2016 is not participatory democracy for the people. To the contrary it’s selective, corporate controlled, media manipulated and elitist representation. Thus capitalism, which is rooted in Western so-called free elections masquerading as democracy is a pure contradiction to socialism.

The people in the 1960s and 1970s movement era needed a political commune and this is what Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton said in 1969 in part: “We want people who want to run on the people’s party.”

Well it’s now 2016 and Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly are running on the Workers World Party platform as independents for the people, the proletariat. This writer is a member of the oppressed and a member of Workers World Party, a victim of what Marx and Lenin described as the surplus of capitalism: when there aren’t enough jobs you have the lumpen and criminalization of surplus workers into mass imprisonment. Therefore I support the need to replace capitalism with socialism in the U.S. empire; replacing the capitalist means of production with a proletariat state.

As Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton, speaking on behalf of the Black Panther Party said in a 1969 speech, “We’re gonna fight capitalism with socialism.” That vanguard party 47 years ago was dealing with another issue that needs to be mass addressed today.

The National Question/support for self determination for nationally (racially) oppressed peoples.

As a New Afrikan in Babylon kkkaptivity slave ship on dry land I find historical relevance in this partial quote from a 1969 speech by Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton on behalf of the Black Panther Party in Illinois.

“The oppressed people of Babylon: freedom can be founded on the land that is fertilized by the bones and blood of these aggressive pig dogs that come into our communities and occupy our communities like troops occupy a foreign territory.”

This quote presents the final challenge and question for both the relevance of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Workers World Party Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly campaign, as well as all progressive movements today in 2016 to answer after over 500+ years of settler colonization and forced servitude, do oppressed peoples deserve independence and in particular do New Afrikan people have a right as descendants of liberated slaves to proclaim sovereignty in the Republic of New Afrika? The Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton in 1969 stated in his speech “We are going to fight racism with solidarity.”

It is my present intention to stimulate a dialogue among the Black Lives Matter Movement and Workers World Party as well as all progressives and revolutionaries on the political line of the Land Question for New Afrikans.


Free the land!


My Story


by Sehu Kessa Saa Tabansi (aka Alfonso Pew), currently incarcerated at Pennsylvania’s SCI Greene

In 1991 as a child, minor, adolescent, teenager, juvenile I was wanted for questioning in connection to a murder of a Philadelphia drug dealer. In spite of passing a polygraph exam (lie detector test) I was accused and later charged with being a conspirator with the shooter Michael Cory Wilder, a 17-year-old.

Later in 1992 after being in County Prison for 10 months from April 1, 1991 to February, 1992, I was tried alone by jury and was convicted of the same exact crime but with an entirely different person as the shooter: Henry Darrien Wilder, a 25-year-old adult.

I was found guilty, astonishingly, not of one, not of two, but three different degrees of homicide. All three degrees contradict each other. There were not three people murdered; just one person murdered. I been in prison since 1991 for this one person murder convicted of three different degrees on the same homicide case.

Michael Cory Wilder, the first charged shooter as my co-conspirator never even went to a trial for this same murder. The Philadelphia Police and District Attorney let him loose before a preliminary hearing. They re-arrested him and then after that they dismissed all the charges.

Henry Darrien Wilder is an entirely different human being and the second charged shooter I was tried for conspiring with. He was acquitted by another jury at a second trial after my own. He was supposed to have been the shooter.

At my own trial I was also acquitted of the underlying criminal conspiracy charge, which means the jury did not believe I conspired to commit murder. Even more ironically in my case the jury was instructed and charged by the judge presiding over them that I must be found guilty of one of the three degrees of murder or not guilty of all. The judge then gave the jury instructions on first degree, second degree and third degree manslaughter. The jury was specifically told in my transcripts that I could only be found guilty of one of these degrees of homicide.

Page 33, lines 9 through 15 of my trial transcripts of the jury instructions shows this as underlined attached.


It has been 25 years later, and I am still in prison serving Death by Incarceration as a non-shooter found guilty of three different degrees of homicide on one human being. As my criminal docket sheet, page 3 attached, will show I am convicted of first degree murder, second degree voluntary manslaughter and third degree involuntary manslaughter for one human being. Each of the degrees of homicide all contradict each other. It is impossible for such a verdict to be consistent.

Further, page 4 of the criminal docket sheet attached will show that I was acquitted by the jury of the criminal conspiracy charge. A wrongfully convicted man serving Death by Incarceration is my story, the short version. Pennsylvania law holds that murder requires malice, and that manslaughter does not require malice. I’m in prison now 25 years for a conviction that has found both malice and non-malice, found both murder and manslaughter, and has found three different degrees for one homicide of one human being and sentenced me, the non-shooter in the case, to Death by Incarceration.


Write to Sehu Kess Saa Tabansi at:

Alfonso Percy Pew, BT-7263

SCI Greene

175 Progress Drive

Waynesburg, PA 15370