My Story


by Sehu Kessa Saa Tabansi (aka Alfonso Pew), currently incarcerated at Pennsylvania’s SCI Greene

In 1991 as a child, minor, adolescent, teenager, juvenile I was wanted for questioning in connection to a murder of a Philadelphia drug dealer. In spite of passing a polygraph exam (lie detector test) I was accused and later charged with being a conspirator with the shooter Michael Cory Wilder, a 17-year-old.

Later in 1992 after being in County Prison for 10 months from April 1, 1991 to February, 1992, I was tried alone by jury and was convicted of the same exact crime but with an entirely different person as the shooter: Henry Darrien Wilder, a 25-year-old adult.

I was found guilty, astonishingly, not of one, not of two, but three different degrees of homicide. All three degrees contradict each other. There were not three people murdered; just one person murdered. I been in prison since 1991 for this one person murder convicted of three different degrees on the same homicide case.

Michael Cory Wilder, the first charged shooter as my co-conspirator never even went to a trial for this same murder. The Philadelphia Police and District Attorney let him loose before a preliminary hearing. They re-arrested him and then after that they dismissed all the charges.

Henry Darrien Wilder is an entirely different human being and the second charged shooter I was tried for conspiring with. He was acquitted by another jury at a second trial after my own. He was supposed to have been the shooter.

At my own trial I was also acquitted of the underlying criminal conspiracy charge, which means the jury did not believe I conspired to commit murder. Even more ironically in my case the jury was instructed and charged by the judge presiding over them that I must be found guilty of one of the three degrees of murder or not guilty of all. The judge then gave the jury instructions on first degree, second degree and third degree manslaughter. The jury was specifically told in my transcripts that I could only be found guilty of one of these degrees of homicide.

Page 33, lines 9 through 15 of my trial transcripts of the jury instructions shows this as underlined attached.


It has been 25 years later, and I am still in prison serving Death by Incarceration as a non-shooter found guilty of three different degrees of homicide on one human being. As my criminal docket sheet, page 3 attached, will show I am convicted of first degree murder, second degree voluntary manslaughter and third degree involuntary manslaughter for one human being. Each of the degrees of homicide all contradict each other. It is impossible for such a verdict to be consistent.

Further, page 4 of the criminal docket sheet attached will show that I was acquitted by the jury of the criminal conspiracy charge. A wrongfully convicted man serving Death by Incarceration is my story, the short version. Pennsylvania law holds that murder requires malice, and that manslaughter does not require malice. I’m in prison now 25 years for a conviction that has found both malice and non-malice, found both murder and manslaughter, and has found three different degrees for one homicide of one human being and sentenced me, the non-shooter in the case, to Death by Incarceration.


Write to Sehu Kess Saa Tabansi at:

Alfonso Percy Pew, BT-7263

SCI Greene

175 Progress Drive

Waynesburg, PA 15370



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