slave kkkolony/prison kkkolony

Slave KKKolony U.S.A.

by Sehu Kessa Saa Tabansi

slave kkkolony
to prison kkkolony
same content
with prison salary
its like being brought
back into the field
because of manual labor
sweatshops are here still
you still can’t do shit
of course unless you ask
and every were you go
oh you need a pass
all men and women
are still separated
yes the prison industrial complex
makes you permanently castrated
instead of torch fires to the face
today they spray you with hot pepper mace
are hearing’s
in the penitentiary’s
to be paroled
is to inform you if you are being bought or sold
you see
no one gets free
transfers for good kneegrowz
and bad kneegrowz
the sale outs
buck-eyes get level drops
but hard rocks
get the shit beat out
and then placed on lock
cars and buses
replaced horses and ships
the guards
oversee as catchers

Prison KKKolonies

by Sehu Kessa Saa Tabansi

produce because of
tag-plates, stickers, furniture, clothes
and shoes are being used
and african descendants
are still mostly abused
yet and still poor whites too
don’t be confused
because its only a few
i know its white supremacy
and i got proof
they said first slavery was ordained
by god himself and that’s the truth
now modern days its the crime bill
they say to protect and keep whites
all safe and secure still
biblical genetics
and later economics
its all a big conspiratorial excuse
over 500 years of oppression
day after day we cell up in
this historical lesson


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