What is the SGTMU, Part II

The Security Threat Group Management unit (STGMU), as explained in the past, is a newly established program for “so called” members of Security Threat Groups (STGs) in the state of Pennsylvania. There are currently two STGMUs, one housed in SCI Greene, the other in SCI Forest.

On paper, the STGMU is a program made up of five phases, which inmates must work their way through in order to be released into general population. Before I detail the five phase program, I urge you not to be fooled, or as they say, “never judge a book by its cover” because there is more to it than meets the eye.

Phase 5: Phase 5 inmates are locked in their cells for 23 hours a day, on weekdays, 24 hours on weekends. Phase 5 inmates are not allowed any books, magazines, pictures, or newspapers. No phone calls are permitted and visits (Monday – Friday) are for immediate family only. All inmates are given a homework assignment once a week. All mail, both incoming and outgoing, is under intense scrutinization.

Phase 4: Phase 4 inmates are allowed to receive up to five books, five magazines, newspapers and ten pictures. They are allowed one 15 minute phone call per month. Commissary purchases, which consist of junk food. Recreation for one hour (only on weekdays). Visits from anyone on the inmate’s approved visiting list. Once a week group sessions are held in the rear of the pod (in a shoulder width cage). Once a week, inmate s are permitted to attend block-out, where he is shackled to a table by the ankle. All mail, both incoming and outgoing is under intense scrutinization.

Phase 3: Phase three inmates are allowed ten books, magazines, pictures, and newspapers. They are allowed 2 fifteen minute phone calls per month. Recreation for one hour in the “big” cage, with an inmate of the correctional officer’s choosing (only on weekdays). Inmates are permitted extended commissary. Can have T.V. in cell. Groups are held in a huge cage in the center of the pod, where up to three inmates are locked in there, simultaneously. Visits are allowed from anyone on inmate’s approved visiting list. All outgoing and incoming mail is under intense scrutinization.

Phase 2: Phase two inmates are allowed ten books, magazines, pictures and newspapers. Four phone calls per month. Block-out, with another inmate of the correctional officer’s choosing. One hour of recreation with up to six inmates in the “big” cage. T.V. and radio are permitted. Visits are once a week from anyone on inmate’s approved visiting list.

Phase 1: Phase one inmates are in general population. It’s a six month “probationary” period in which inmates must be free from STG-related behavior or face return back to STGMU. All inmates are temporarily Z-coded for six months. Must see security once a month; unit manager once a month (formally), but once a week informally; all mail still under intense scrutinization.

In order for one to understand the reality of the STGMU, one needs to first understand the reality of SCI Greene. For, the very correctional officers who in the past have been accused of torturing and/or abusing other inmates are the very COs who supervise and work the STGMU. The COs who worked security at Greene and have been known to “frame” other inmates, are the ones that work the STGMU and “scrutinize” all inmates’ mail in the STGMU. The COs are known to “fabricate” events and/or misconduct report’s work the STGMU. Finally, the administration, from the superintendent down to PRC, who have been known to leave inmates in the RHU for years, under the fabricated guise of “the inmate is a danger to himself and others” are the very ones who not only run the STGMU, but must approve inmates’ progression and ultimately their release back into general population. [Note: since my arrival at SCI Greene on October 31st, 2006, I’ve witnessed COs assaulting inmates, COs denying inmates their mandatory one hour yard period, COs deny inmates their meals, COs antagonize inmates or as they call it “grind them up”, I’ve witnessed COs tell inmates to kill themselves (two of which later did), I’ve witnessed COs destroy inmates’ property, COs discard inmates’ mail, the tampering of inmates’ meal trays, COs telling other inmates that such and such is a rat because that specific inmate filed a “grievance” on the CO, and I was made aware of the fact that if “security” wants you out the way they will do all within their power to get you out the way (this includes sending one of their little hirelings to transgress against you, or start something that will get you caught up in it). All of these heinous and barbaric acts committed by the people who work in the STGMU.]

The reality of the STGMU

Corrupt correctional officers and personnel are supervising the daily operations of the STGMU. COs are engaging in the highly illegal and unconstitutional tactics employed in the COINTEL Program by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI! COs are pinning one inmate against the other, under the guise of “divide and conquer” tactics that leads to fights, cuttings, and eventually all out wars across the state. COs are engaging in acts of propaganda, slander, and disinformation. They are engaging in such acts to assure the STGMU becomes a revolving door (that’s how they get paid). COs are giving agent provocateurs the green light to instigate problems, however they may do so, in order to keep someone from successfully completing the program. COs are confiscating incoming mail and pictures in the hopes of destroying an inmate’s relationship with relatives, friends and outside supporters, not to mention the silencing of inmates’ voices from exposing the oppressive conditions and dangerous games being played by the COs at the STGMU. And in some cases, COs are writing typed up letters to other inmates, using the names of those in the STGMU, with the sole purpose of commandeering a “so-called” STG.

Since August 21, 2012 (the opening of the STGMU) on May 1st, 2014. There were a total of three incidents as a result of COINTELPRO tactics. In one of these incidents an inmate was cut! In other incidents, inmates were transgressed upon by COs or the COs did things to cause an inmate to transgress upon them, but wrote the misconducts as the inmate being entirely responsible.

In the STGMU inmates are still being denied trays during meal times or being given a tray with nothing on it (so that it appears on camera that he is still being fed when he actually isn’t)! Inmates are still being denied yard! When inmates voice their concerns on grievances it’s almost always denied (and the inmate is retaliated on)! Inmates have no access to legal assistance! Inmates are being disciplined for any acts the rogue elements define as “unauthorized group activity” (unity)! For any slang they do not comprehend in the mail or over the phone!

This is the reality of what we face in the newly established STGMU! This is what we go through! This is the battle we must fight and continue to fight because it will not get any better for us. Only worse. Especially on the probationary period.

On August 17th, 2014 I was escorted to the RHU at SCI Mahanoy for a fight. According to the reports, I was “snuck” from behind and punched in the back of the head while eating. I got up and began to return punches. This was written by several officers in their reports. Despite what was written in their reports. I was told I am being returned to the STGMU. The “fix” was in. Just like that, “poof” and I am gone… To be continued…

The Eagle and the Arrow

There was an eagle soaring in the sky when suddenly it heard the whizz of an arrow and felt itself wounded to death. Slowly it looking down upon the arrow with which it had been pierced it noticed that the shaft of the arrow was feathered with one of its own plums. “Alas” it cried as it died: we often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.

B.I. Jonathan Castro FX-6703 / SCI Dallas, 1000 Follies Road, Drawer K, Dallas, PA 18612-0286


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